A new year isn't the only thing I'm excited 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about right now.I'm also celebrating the 8-year anniversary of making the transition to full-time blogging.I quit my day job at the beginning of 2010,turned the 威廉希尔真人娱乐场A Lady in London blog into a business,and haven't looked back since.



过渡是可怕的,但激动人心。开始的时候一切都非常顺利,随着工作的堆积,所有的恐惧都消失了。Since then there have been highs and lows,但事情总是很顺利的。多年来,看着业务增长,我感到很兴奋,并鼓励从我的读者那里得到积极的反馈。

首先,I'm thankful that I've been able to turn my passion into a career.在我开始写博客之前,I felt like I didn't know what I wanted to be"when I grew up".我在银行工作,我在科技部门工作,我觉得我没有一个明确的方向来确定它的方向。

但当我意识到我可以把我的博客变成生意,事情发生了。我一直想做些有创业精神的事情——我在硅谷长大,毕竟。But while I previously thought that that"“某物”必须是一个拥有数千名员工的大企业,I realized that with blogging it could be a thing I did myself.


但没有你我不可能做到。什么是没有读者的博客?毕竟?It isn't something you can do as a career.So as I celebrate 8 years of full-time blogging,I want to say thank you for all your support over the years.你帮我实现了梦想,and I hope what I've shared here over the last 10 years has helped you make some of yours realities,也是。

So here's to the future.新年即将来临,I hope you're able to realize even more of your dreams.Whether they're career-related or travel-oriented,我希望他们今年能开花结果。




  1. 祝贺朱莉展示了一个好的博客应该是怎样的。我经营我的小博客作为一种爱好和自利。我还组织了一个慈善步行团体,我根据你到伦敦各地的向导成功地进行了几次步行。
    Your enthusiasm for your subjects shines through your photos and writing;keep up the good work!!
    Best regards,巴里

  2. 恭喜你,祝你的商业项目好运!我很高兴发现了你的博客,通过分享你鼓舞人心的旅程,我也极大地帮助我建立了自己的博客业务和项目!!

  3. 恭喜朱莉。It must be a rewarding and wonderful experience for you.I'm so happy to have discovered your blog last year,and really enjoy your content.这是多年来能够做自己喜欢做的事情。



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