Today is the 9-year anniversary of the day I started the 威廉希尔真人娱乐场A Lady in London blog.Time has flown since I quit my hedge fund job,拿到签证了,and arrived in England wondering where life would take me.难怪。在9年的博客生涯中,我周游世界,尽可能多地了解英国。但没有你我不可能做到。


Blog Anniversaries

I write a blog post every year on the anniversary of the founding of the blog.At 6 years I wrote thestory of how I moved to Londonand started 威廉希尔真人娱乐场A Lady in London,8岁时,我写下了我是如何冒险的威廉希尔真人娱乐场leap to full-time blogging2010年。

Kynance Mews,London


But this year I want to write 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about you.Because without you I wouldn't be blogging.Or traveling.Or maybe even in London.Without you,我不会实现我的梦想。

So this year I want to say thank you.Thank you for reading,for subscribing,为了跟进,对于评论,购买我的电子书和参加我的课程。谢谢你的支持。你的电子邮件。Your time to fill out my reader surveys and vote for me in blogging awards.

Thank you for your likes on Instagram,your shares on Facebook,your retweets on Twitter.谢谢你看我的Snapchat啪的一声打开,and for pinning my photos on Pinterest.I spend a lot of time creating,编辑,在伦敦的一位女士及其社交媒体上威廉希尔真人娱乐场分享,and it's encouraging to know that you're enjoying it.

Sometimes it's hard to keep it all going.I feel burned out from traveling,or discouraged by negative comments,or worried that I'm not doing enough or doing well enough.But then I hear from you,我看到你的喜好和评论,分享和观点,and it motivates me to keep going and to keep getting better at everything that goes into the blog.

所以感谢你9年来的精彩博客,and here's to an exciting future for us ahead.


  1. 刚开始跟着你。
    祝贺你。Sincere and extensive congratulations.
    You have earned the confidence I see in the photo of you standing on that enormous tree platform.

  2. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all!Keep up the great work.我真的有过不好的日子,我想把一切都投入其中,但后来我收到你的时事通讯!Congratulations x

  3. Congratulations!!!!I LOVE your pics on instagram!!!!它们让我每天都微笑,也是我最近一次伦敦之旅的灵感来源。

  4. 你真是个灵感来源,朱莉,especially for me personally – as I've always wanted to do exactly what you are doing!我以为我会永远呆在加州(孩子们,职业生涯中,等)。但有时候生活就是这样发生的——我在这里,4 years gone,living just outside London.And reading your blog…

    我理解承诺,and the challenge to always have a fresh view,请向我致以最大的祝贺和诚挚的感谢。Bloggers everywhere can learn so much from you.我们所有热切的度假者都喜欢你智慧的珍珠和独特的世界观。你是一个完美的专业人士,值得高度赞扬!!

  5. Congratulations,朱莉!You always remain the"international woman of mystery"[a shout-out to your original travel blog].Well,not mystery anymore since you blog professionally;但太棒了,你一直忠于你的激情!!

  6. Congratulations on such an amazing achievement Julie!Keep up the great work and I'd say to not worry 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about ‘not doing enough' – I really loved your recent posts,especially those on Scotland and your Snapchat stories.I think it shows how much you enjoy the places you go and that's what counts 🙂

  7. First of all congratulations to you.It is not easy to maintain a blog for such a long time…and 9 years is quite a time.尽管有些人很有可能仍然能够做他们热爱的事情,这需要毅力。对于博客作者来说,博客是时间流逝中的记忆痕迹。上帝保佑。

  8. Congratulations,朱莉!!!To many more years for 威廉希尔真人娱乐场a lady in London!!!Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  9. Huge congratulations to you,朱莉!!我为你感到高兴,也为你感到骄傲!!I've been following your posts for over four years now though I apologize that I don't get to your blog as often as I would like to.Have another great year,my friend!🙂

  10. I've been reading your blog for 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about a year now.9年的博客生涯,真的!That's quite an achievement.I want to say thank you for a great read and great photos.Greetings from the Far East (Philippines).

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