I've been visiting Glasgow my whole life.Having a Glaswegian grandmother meant my first trip outside the U.S.was to Scotland,and ensured that I've dipped in and out ever since.But for some reason I'm always doing just that: dipping in and out.One day here,有一天,and I never see enough.我终于在格拉斯哥订了3天的机票,可以好好体验这座城市,这让我更加兴奋。



我在格拉斯哥的第一天就要开始参观这个城市最著名的博物馆之一。The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is not only housed in a beautiful historic building,but also contains a wealth of Scottish art and design by the likes of the Glasgow Boys,Charles Rennie Mackintosh,and the Scottish Colourists.Their work gives me perspective on the city's history and culture,and makes me excited to get out and explore.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

From the Kelvingrove I walk up to the West End with my boyfriend to visit the Glasgow Botanic Gardens.The tulips paint the grounds with brilliant hues and the glass conservatories reveal exotic ferns and tropical plants as we go.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Afterwards we meander down busy Byres Road for lunch at Hanoi Bike Shop,a little restaurant tucked away off the main street in a mix of independent stores.Inside it's like we've traveled to Vietnam,the air thick with scents of fresh cilantro and crunchy banh mi.


From there we walk down to the river and up to the city center.沿途我们经过河边博物馆,那里有扎哈·哈迪德设计的弯曲曲线。Next to it a historic Tall Ship sits stately on the water,welcoming visitors interested in learning 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about Glasgow's rich shipbuilding history.

Riverside Museum,Glasgow

Once in the city center,we stop at the famous Willow Tea Rooms,把建筑师查尔斯·伦尼·麦金托什的室内设计放在一个茶杯上。He put Glasgow on the map in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with unique and beautiful designs that still endure today.

Willow Tea Rooms,Glasgow

Leaving the tea rooms,we head over to Merchant City.乔治广场是格拉斯哥的中心,with its impressive Victorian buildings and statues paying homage to Scottish greats.


Nearby we come to the Glasgow Cathedral and adjacent Necropolis,这座城市维多利亚时代的魅力所在。


Monumental tombs,坟墓,陵墓竞相争夺最伟大的自恋表现的称号,a tribute to the city's 19th century industrial heyday when wealthy merchants weren't afraid to pay homage to their own riches.


The sun setting,we walk back into Merchant City and catch a cab to the West End.我们挤进了著名的夜生活小巷阿什顿巷的街角的小酒吧。它很小,顾名思义(它是苏格兰最小的酒吧)。同样甜蜜。

Ubiquitous Chip,Glasgow

Dinner is around the corner at the iconic Ubiquitous Chip restaurant.The dining room feels like a narrow greenhouse,植物怎么办?fountains,玻璃屋顶,而且食物和人们所说的一样好。我们一起吃晚饭,在精神上重新审视我们在城市的第一天所覆盖的土地,并计划第二天。

Ubiquitous Chip,Glasgow


The second of our 3 days in Glasgow is as busy as our first.我们先是在加内希尔的一家名叫singl end的小咖啡馆里吃早餐,然后跌跌撞撞地走了起来。With its bright blue metal chairs and breakfasts that come in skillets,这是赢家。

Singl End,Glasgow

Afterwards we're off on a tour of Mackintosh's Glasgow with the Glasgow School of Art.当我们看到麦金托什和他的同时代人的作品,了解到20世纪初流行的各种风格时,它带着我们遍布市中心,其中一些风格相当华丽!威廉希尔真人娱乐场!

Victorian Building,Glasgow

After the tour we walk over to the University of Glasgow,stopping for lunch at a cool cafe called Sonny & Vito's for salads and tarts on the way.Once at the university we visit the Hunterian Museum,它和克林格罗夫一起是格拉斯哥最著名的一个。

Hunterian Museum,Glasgow

The highlight is the museum's art gallery,where we see more work from the Scottish Colourists and a collection of paintings by Whistler.Also there are the interiors of Mackintosh's home,which are part of an amazing collection of his work.


离开猎人,我们去芬尼斯顿和波特&赖伊的朋友喝一杯。The area is Glasgow's trendiest,这里有很多很棒的酒吧和餐馆。We have dinner over the road at Crabshakk,一个海鲜的地方,有奶油风味和浓汤的味道。It's the perfect end to another great day in Glasgow.

Porter & Rye,Glasgow


The last of our 3 days in Glasgow starts early with another Glasgow School of Art tour.This one focuses on creative Glasgow and the modern and contemporary art and architecture scene in the city.


我们会避开像当代艺术中心这样的凉爽空间,探索乔治广场南部的画廊,learning 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about the city's more recent artistic and design trends as we go.


参观结束后,我们跳上出租车,在黄油厂的两个胖女人那里吃午饭,another Glasgow institution.Cocooned in wood and tartan,we enjoy a seafood lunch to the sounds of classic crooners.

Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery,Glasgow

Lunch finished,我们从市中心出发去披肩,an area popular with locals in Glasgow.There we find ourselves at a quirky coffee shop called Glad Cafe.It's a nice introduction to a less visited part of the city,也是结束我们在格拉斯哥漫长周末的好方法。

Glad Cafe,Glasgow


As we leave Scotland,I realize that while I thought three days would be sufficient to see Glasgow,it was only enough to show me how much more there is to discover.但不是失望,it makes me excited to return and see what else Glasgow can reveal.即使我的家庭关系无法挽回我,城市本身会。


Have you been to Glasgow?你在城里最喜欢什么地方??



  1. What a refreshingly diverse article 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about Glasgow that has made me really happy!As a Glaswegian I get so frustrated at travel bloggers writing 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about the same few places all the time when there is so much variety of things to do.Great to see that you also managed to the south-side as this is where I'm from and although you covered a lot,there is still so much more for you to see on you next visit 😉

  2. 从格拉斯哥的一个本地人,谁去了海湾地区居住,然后回家,请访问我们的公平城市。So much more than you have actually seen in this wonderful Blog.

  3. I really like Glasgow,I visited the city for the first time last year.I especially enjoyed the shops and restaurants on Byres Road.I purchased some nice gifts for my friends there!可爱的帖子。安加拉德X

  4. This post brought back lovely memories of my home city – The Ubiquitous Chip is one of my favourite all-time restaurants and the Willow Tearooms is another must.罗加诺也非常适合做海鲜。

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