英国的夏季正如火如荼地进行着。With theChelsea Flower Showand皇家艾斯科特finished,Wimbledon and now the Henley Royal Regatta are underway.After last week's visit to the tennis,我昨天往西去划船度过了一个阳光明媚的日子,which is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year.因为我温布尔登指南很受欢迎,今天我带你去伦敦参加亨利皇家赛艇会。威廉希尔真人娱乐场



靠边站,女士。亨利的时尚全是男装。威廉希尔真人娱乐场While women's attire ranges from super casual to semi-formal,men's attire is all 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about the rowing blazer.对于那些不熟悉运动夹克的人,经验法则是:条纹越互相碰撞,颜色越鲜艳,the better.

Rowing Blazer at the Henley Royal Regatta


Hats at the Henley Royal Regatta

For men that don't belong to a rowing club,a linen suit with a Panama hat or a nice khakis-and-(normal) blazer combination will do just fine.And ladies,如果你在一个围场或接待区,a nice summer dress is just the thing.

Hats at the Henley Royal Regatta

Regardless of how you dress,一定要带上防晒霜和雨伞,因为亨利一分钟内会灼热,下一分钟会下毛毛雨。


不像温布尔登,where strawberries and cream are a tradition,亨利没有与之相关的特定食物。It does,然而,一定要喝点什么。

Champagne at the Henley Royal Regatta

一个是PIMM的,盛放水果和薄荷的经典英国夏季鸡尾酒。另一种是香槟,which never seems to stop flowing from early morning until late evening.


赛艇是沿着泰晤士河的一段直线进行的,and the course is around 1.5 miles long.From the starting line to the finish,河的一侧有围墙,商店,招待帐篷,bars,以及特许经营权。有些是向公众开放的,而其他人则要求以徽章的形式进行预付款录入。


昨天,我在摩斯曼餐厅接待区度过了一天,是瑞士格劳布恩登旅游局的客人(瑞士是全国最大的广东省,是像这样的地方的家St Moritz,我今年早些时候去滑雪的地方)。


The Mossiman's area is open to the public,购买徽章可在白天提供无限量的饮料,以及三道菜的午餐和下午茶。It's located in the middle of the course,and also has a separate bar right on the starting line that badge holders have access to.两个地区都有现场音乐和自由流动的香槟。


For those not in an enclosure or hospitality area,the thin stretch of land between the river and the enclosures is always packed with punters and picnics.如果你星期六去的话,一定要早点到。as the area gets crowded early and becomes increasingly packed as the day goes on.


亨利有很多不同的围栏,in the traditional British fashion of ensuring a weirdly (to foreigners,无论如何)安抚社会阶层的分离。

Enclosure at the Henley Royal Regatta

最排他性的是乘务员围栏,只对会员及其客人开放。如果你想看和被人看到的话,那就是你想进去的地方。每个人似乎都认识认识一个认识会员的人,so badges aren't as difficult to come by as they may seem (but make sure to line them up in advance).

Enclosure at the Henley Royal Regatta

这里严格执行着装规定,so if you're a lady,make sure to keep your dress or skirt well below the knee (seriously,they will turn you away if it's not).

Enclosure at the Henley Royal Regatta

一个更容易接近的外壳是Regata外壳,which is next to the Stewards' Enclosure and open to the general public.虽然比较随意,对于那些无法接触到乘务员的人来说,这里仍然是个好地方。


等待,亨利在划船?I thought this was just an excuse for day drinking.

Brown University Rowing at the Henley Royal Regatta

在你很少能看到船的时候,it helps to cheer for one or another.Usually it's hard to tell which is which,即使你知道哪个队在比赛。

Rowing at the Henley Royal Regatta

Yesterday I had the good fortune to cheer for my university's team in one race and my mother's university in two others,and that was 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about the extent of the attention I paid to the races.在生活中,有时香槟会占据主导地位,and Henley is generally one of those times.



Rowing at the Henley Royal Regatta

Just make sure to arrive at Paddington well in advance of your train if you go on the Saturday,as queues for the ticket machines are always painfully long,and the platform for departures is one of the farthest from the entrance.Every year that I've taken a train to Henley,我的团队有一半错过了我们的出发时间,因为他们来的太晚,买不到票。

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  1. 从来没有意识到亨利赛舟会是多么令人愉快。Beautiful pictures by the way.一定会用铅笔记下明年的日记。

  2. 啊,我一直想去!The pictures make it look wonderful so I think I'm going to have to actually make the effort 🙂

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