Exciting news today: I'm going to be tweeting and Instagramming 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about London for BBC Travel!从下周开始,I will be sharing my photos from around London on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.


I'm honored to be working with such a great partner on this project.另外还有四位来自巴黎的旅游博客和作家,罗马,慕尼黑and New York sharing their photos as well,so get ready to see some inspiring travel images!

If you're on Twitter or Instagram,you can view the photos by following the BBC Travel推特一款图片分享应用账户。我还将把伦敦的一位女士的许多照片进行转载和重组。威廉希尔真人娱乐场推特一款图片分享应用账户,所以你也可以跟着做。我希望他们能给你一些很棒的旅行点子!

22 Comments on Lady's Photos on BBC Travel

  1. 祝贺你!I'm going to follow you with lots of pleasure not only because I'm interested in everything which concerns London but also because,thanks to the BBC website I can have the possibility to practice English every day and trying to improve as much as I can do.Thanks to one of the BBC's blogs I've met some friendly people from Taiwan and China!We share the same interest for English language and it's funny to help one another to make progress.




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